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The sky is our limit. EndlessCloud is a solo Project Group run by Justin. During the period of February 2nd 2015 to 15th June 2015, EndlessCloud will be running its graduation project in conjunction with Graficom Group.

During this time EndlessCloud will be building a shared online platform for libraries in management of Graficom Group, called




In the recent years "Hosted desktops" has taken flight in the IT market. Graficom Group, already offers a shared platform for small businesses but they have yet to build one for a large group of their customers: Libraries. Currently there is no standardized solution that they can offer. Recently more and more organizations move towards the terminal-based IT solutions. Some of their customers use their own (hosted in the cloud) environment with terminal servers.

However, there are significant cost savings when both the hosting fees as well the management are done on a 'shared' environment. Since each library has one or more applications that differ from industry colleagues we need to separate the 'terminal servers' per library. For this the Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop solution will be used, an easy automated and manageable solution.

This is not a fictional scenario, but a solution that Graficom Group, wants to actively market under their existing and new relationships.

But what does this mean ?

  • A Scalable solution that peforms as a 'platform' which multiple libraries use, but at the same time has organizational separation.
  • Every library should use the Shared Resources (email / files) but use their own Citrix / RDS server.
  • High Availability File Servers.
  • High Availability Mail Servers.
  • Making use of Graficom Groups existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform via Hostlinq.nl



Justin is an Junior IT'er with a broad and still expanding skill set. He's not afraid to learn new things. He wants to learn as much as he can about everything that crosses his path.

Once he set my mind on something its hard for him to let go, since he wont stop until he knows what it is, what it does and how it works (or why its broken).

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